This was a photo taken during our participation with a customer in the annual Hawaii Hospitality Show in Honolulu.  We travel the globe to help make our clients successful!  By contacting CDS Worldwide, you can have an experienced expert on your team quickly and easily.  For companies who have little or no international market share, who either don't know how to begin...or wish to improve their existing marketing efforts internationally, CDS Worldwide is the answer! We partner with our clients to recognize their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises into high performing organizations. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the capabilities of companies and their targeted international markets. In close collaboration at all levels of a client's organization, this focus ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results. Companies like Bay West Paper Company, Claire Aerosols, Continental Plastics, GOJO Industries, Nilodor Incorporated, Wausau Paper Corporation (and many more) have greatly benefited from our services... and you can too.

Who We Are

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We have a diversity of educational and professional backgrounds - bound by a shared passion for creative problem solving and a drive to have a significant and positive impact in the world.

We select people with intelligence, passion, integrity and the ambition to make a difference. Whether our job requires us to attend an open heart surgery at Fuwai Hospital in Beijing, investigate a technical problem at an abattoir in Wellington, analyze a maintenance problem at Parliament House in Canberra, or roll up our sleeves to experience work on a production line in Malaysia, we are ready for almost any challenge our clients, customers and friends might want us to get involved in for them.

Most importantly, we thoroughly enjoy what we do and like to have fun. We are not afraid of hard work and enjoy working with each other, our clients and our customers.

Enhancing Success Worldwide

We aim to do this by helping our clients build capabilities that mobilize their organization. We create sustainable competitive advantage by helping develop distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in performance. Bottom line - we are committed to helping our clients' organizations become much stronger than when we first arrive.