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CDS Worldwide presented a Special Recognition Award for 17 years of contribution toward the enormous success of GOJO Industries in the Asia Pacific region!

S SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 10, 2010 - At the ISSA / INTERCLEAN Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, CDS Worldwide was presented with a Special Recognition Award for 17 years of work helping develop & grow the Asia Pacific commercial away-from-home markets for the corporation by Mr. Fady Chehade, GOJO Industry's Vice President - International. Following receipt of this award, CDS Worldwide's Managing Director, Randy Dilena expressed his deep gratitude, "We are extremely honored to receive this recognition for the 17 years we have been involved with GOJO Industries. Our thanks go out to all of our wonderful customers for their loyalty, hard work and dedication to the GOJO brands and to all those at GOJO Industries - past and present - for their enthusiasm, hard work and tremendous support!"

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